Benefits of Functional Strength and Power Training for the Baby Boomer

GOLF PRO | By Travis Johnson –

Travis Johnson

Golf is challenging for golfers of all ages, but the older we get, the more challenges there are. While aging, our strength diminishes, as well as our performance and power. Harvard Health Publishing states that as we age, our muscle mass will decline by 30%. This loss in muscle mass does not have to be forever.  With a plan, hard work and dedication, people of any age can increase their muscle mass.

A golf swing utilizes every muscle in your body. So, as we work on our athletic performance for golf purposes, we want to train our body in a full unit rather than isolating muscle groups. Athletic training incorporates exercises that integrate the whole body as one, which is very beneficial for the golf swing.

As we are trying to work on our athletic abilities while getting older, one of the first things that hinders men older than 50 from increasing muscle mass is diminished testosterone. This hormone plays a huge part in muscle mass because it stimulates protein synthesis and muscle growth. If you feel that your testosterone is low, which is keeping you from increasing your muscle mass, it would be beneficial to consult with your physician. Hormone therapy might aid you in not only gaining more muscle mass but also just in your daily activities.

When it comes to building muscle mass, it’s not just about strength.  Muscle power and performance are very important because being able to move quickly and effectively is not only beneficial on the golf course, but also in daily activities of life. A great start to building power is with your legs as they are responsible for  mobility.  Explosive leg exercises are beneficial in developing power. Be sure to incorporate functional explosive leg exercises in your weekly workout routine.

As we get older, we can preserve our muscle mass. It’s easier to maintain muscle than it is to gain muscle. Strength training combats losing muscle. By working at maintaining your muscle with strength training, you are also working at building a healthier you. Strength training is just as important as aerobic training. The Department of Health suggests that healthy adults strength train twice a week. Muscle loss effects not only your quality of life, but your health as well. But, strength training can help preserve and build muscle, no matter how old you are.

Regular athletic strength training is very beneficial as it helps with keeping you healthy and fully functional for the golf course. As we all get up there in age, it is imperative to follow a personalized well-planned fitness program that includes functional strength and power exercises. Functional strength training should be a healthy part of your life. If you keep your body athletically prepared for the golf course, you will be able to do some amazing things. Get fit and stay fit – fit for 18!