Boutique Hideaways: The Post Card Hotel

The Postcard Cuelim.

Off the beaten path in a place that was once a hub of excitement and decadence, travelers will be delighted in visiting Goa. Jean Moquet, when visiting in 1609, listed 25 sins common amongst Goans with voluptuousness and fornication being just a few.

Formerly a Portugese colony isolated in British India, Goa is a little jewel. For 500 years, the Portuguese profited in the spice trade until relinquishing the colony to India in 1961. Artists, Bohemians, retired chefs and the like have all made their place there to do one thing and do it very well: live life well. It is an escape from all of the things that hinder us from being true and in the moment.

The Braganza House was once a family mansion and now is a museum that holds the relics of an imperial age. Where in India proper tourists will find gold-topped temples, here they be greeted with white washed and crumbling churches and villas. It has the beauty of time on its side, and the people are all carefree.

The Monks make feni, which is well-known and liked by both locals and guests. Made from cashew fruit, the delicacy will make the time go by as guests bask in the sun or hang out in a Casa Xetio, a local drinking den. The practice of susegad, otherwise known as being happy and lazy, is both practiced, promoted and discussed regularly by Goans.

The Postcard Velha.

The Postcard Hotels are amongst a vast array of three new choices for travelers. The Postcards are tiny boutique hideaways that are located across the state each offering a unique experience. Postcard Velha is an eight-room escape located amongst the crumbling churches of Old Goa. Postcard Cuelium overlooks emerald patty fields in a remote South Goan village with a 350-year old chapel.  Finally, Postcard Moira has revived a 214 year-old Portuguese mansion near the village of Assagao and the North Goan beaches of Anjuna and Vagator.

The Postcard Moira. Photos from

Whether travellers stay in a villa by the sea, or choose a more upscale five-star hotel in the south, they will find they are  swept away from all of the hectic hustle of normal life. And like so many, they may find that they never want to leave! Sometimes the fanciest things in life are recognizing the beauty of something as simple as a breeze on a deserted beach in the moonlight. Don’t forget to drink the feni and practice the art of susegad while visiting Goa!