Fort Bend’s Future

Christopher Hill

In this issue, we focus on the future of Fort Bend. First up, Sugar Land. With the inclusion of two business leaders, Naushad Kermally and Stewart Jacobson, to Sugar Land City Council, these new kids on the block bring a wealth of community involvement and leadership to the city’s governing board.

We live in a fantastic county – the future definitely looks bright for Fort Bend.  Our community is filled with strong-willed, independent-minded individuals who are making great strides both in our businesses and in our political arenas. In our cover story, we highlight some of the next eras of leadership for Jacey Jetton, a family man, who balances two successful businesses with a potential next-level candidacy in his future plans.

Perhaps one of the reasons our future look is optimistic is our past. Recently, I had the opportunity to spend some time with an icon in Fort Bend’s growth and development:  Bob Brown.  It had been a while, and it was great to spend a few minutes with one of the principal architects of Fort Bend County. Sometimes history seems so far away, but for our county, we are in the generation of history, and many of the people who cultivated that record are still here. Over the past couple of years, Bob and I met for lunch periodically, and I treasured the insights from such a visionary and opportunist. To hear the stories of the wild, wild west of Fort Bend County, yet know it was only a few decades ago was – and is still today – fascinating.

As much as things change, there are always constants, such as the strength and talent of the people of our community. If you know of someone we should highlight or if there are topics you would like us to cover, please reach out and let us know.

Best regards,

Christopher Hill