Invest in Yourself

GOLF PRO | By Travis Johnson –

There are new drivers, irons, wedges and putters that come out more often than we can keep up with. We all have the tendency to want to run out and get the latest and greatest golf equipment because we are positive that this will help us with our golf game, and we will be playing under par before we know it. That’s never the case. We often invest in new golf equipment with the hopes that our golf game will suddenly get better. If we really want to better our game and work at lowering what we shoot on the course, it’s more important to invest in ourselves. By investing in ourselves, we should focus on our golf game through private lessons, preparing our bodies athletically for the golf course and focusing on proper nutrition. The time and investments we spend on ourselves will keep us prepared before, during and after rounds of golf.

While I can’t speak for all golfers, of the ones I have spoken with, there aren’t many who have experienced a breakthrough in their golf game and scoring ability from simply buying new equipment. The average golfer with a double-digit handicap will not be able to buy golf equipment that will help with fundamental flaws in their golf swing. If you are a golfer who struggles to hit the ball in the direction aimed or with distance off the tee, it will likely not be worthwhile to spend your money on new equipment. It would be more impactful to hire a golf teaching professional who can fix the flaws in your swing. Once your golf swing is adjusted, and you are aware of what your equipment needs are, golfers can invest in the proper equipment at the right time.

Most golfers tend to forget that they are athletes. Golfers need to exercise like athletes, which will ensure their bodies are well-prepared for the demands of a golf swing. Many golfers neglect their bodies by not focusing on how to improve their mechanics in the gym to be better on the course.


One of the first things to work on in the gym is balance, as this is the foundation of every golf swing.  Maintaining balance can help with a smooth, powerful, accurate golf swing.


Stability is also a necessary component, as it is the ability to maintain a certain position when a force is fighting against it. A golf swing without stability will lack power and accuracy. Exercises that separate lower body and upper body movement will help tremendously with stability.

Resistance Training and Flexibility

Resistance training is extremely beneficial as the more strength and power you can exert, the further you can hit the ball. Flexibility is another valuable element to work on, as it helps promote a more consistent, efficient and powerful golf swing.  Specific golf fitness programs can help golfers get their body ready for golf, as well as help minimize the risk of injury.


Nutrition is also an important, and often undervalued, aspect of golf. A balanced diet helps support your body before, during and after rounds. Prior to a round, it would be helpful to fuel the body with a carbohydrate rich meal to fill up muscle stores.  Protein is favorable as it helps to build and repair muscles. A good pre-round sample meal could be a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread with an apple. During your round, stay hydrated and eat an easy to digest carbohydrate food, such as a piece of fruit or balanced meal replacement bar. It’s imperative to stay properly hydrated in this Houston heat, which will help performance on the course. When on the golf course or on the driving range, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends drinking three to eight ounces of water every 15 to 20 minutes. This will help you stay focused and accurate with your golf shots. Nutrition for recovery after the game should be a balanced meal, not too long after you finish. As you can see, proper nutrition will be instrumental in keeping you healthy daily and ready for success on the course.

The important thing to remember is do not neglect yourself in favor of new equipment.  If you have flaws in your golf swing, hire a teaching professional. Golfers are athletes. So, get started with proper nutrition and a personal golf specific fitness program.  Before investing in new golf equipment, invest in yourself. Once you have taken care of your swing, and your body is well-prepared for the golf course, you will be more educated about the right equipment to keep those scores low!  Get fit, and stay fit for 18!