Luxury Defined: Zoetry Villa Rolandi

Globetrotting | By Alisa Murray –

When booking luxury travel, there are several attributes that catapult the five stars of fine properties. Yes, it’s their service and impeccable attention to detail that takes a property experience from a four to a five+, but it’s also most often exclusivity by the way of seclusion, fine dining and opportunities for exotic and creative adventures.

Zoetry Villa Rolandi located on the private white sandy cove on the beautiful island of Isla Mujeres is such a spark-ling jewel. The journey begins by flying into Cancun and being escorted by private car service to the property’s private yacht, appropriately named “The Cocoon.” At the Marina Hacienda del Mar pier, Zoetry Rolandi’s friendly staff take your bags and load them onto their deluxe yacht. Guests then embark on a 25 minute sail to the private island.

Eggs Au Four baked in the oven at the famous Casa Rolandi restaurant. Photo by Alisa Murray Photography.

The entrance to Zoetry Villa Rolandi is magnificently decorated with stunning and colorful stained glass that is a common theme throughout the property. The translation for “Isla de Mujeres” is “Island of Women.” Decades ago when men came to the island, the men living there were off working, and visitors only saw women, hence the name.

The famed restaurant Casa Rolandi on Isla de Mujeres is a landmark established in 1981. It is an institution to the residents and resort-goers alike and is what truly sets the property apart as distinctively different. The restaurant serves fine dining described as Swiss-Northern Italian fare.  There is also another restaurant, Le Mettisage, and both boast extensive and intensely creative menus.

Casa Rolindi has a famous brick oven where Eggs Au Four are baked with asparagus and cheese for breakfast alongside a delightful morning menu consisting of fresh fruits and pastries flown in from Paris. Throughout the day, their famous bread is served from the brick oven with oil and habaneros. In the evenings, the both restaurants have stunning sunset views of Cancun. Well into the evening, guests can appreciate the quiet shore sounds while still being able to enjoy the skyline of the busy Cancun hotel zone.

The Mayan fertility goddess Ixchel. Photo by Alisa Murray Photography.

The beach at Zoetry Casa Rolindi is a small and intimate stretch where guests can catch a glimpse of a barracuda just below the restaurant’s over water deck and listen to live musicians performing in the restaurants for an intimate, romantic foodies dream.

Le Mettisage is just a few steps away and boasts an ever-changing seven course tasting menu. My personal favorite was the crab soup. Chef Felipe Vega creates a rich broth made with tomatoes and herbs and tops it with a tostado heaped with fresh crab and her specialty sauces.

Each of the resort’s 35 rooms face the ocean, and those on the upper floors have an outdoor veranda with a jacuzzi making it a beautiful and romantic place. The rooms are well-appointed with a cozy sitting area and décor of resort’s

famed stain glass. Each afternoon, cheese and fruit plates are delivered alongside sparkling water and champagne on ice.

With complimentary 24-hour laundry service and three times each day maid service, all guests ever need to do is ask, and it is immediately delivered. The spa is quite tiny, but don’t let that fool you! The staff is well-trained in massages and facials, and there is a large outdoor Thalasso Therapy pool where you’ll find the benefits of salt for your wellness. Each day, beachside guests are treated mid-day to freshly squeezed juices hinted with herbs and a cool towel infused with tonic, combined with a scalp massage and cucumber eye treatments.

A turtle laying eggs in the moonlight. Photo by Alisa Murray Photography.

After hours, guests find peace and quiet. The Cozy Bar is a nice spot with famed mixologist Hilario pouring drinks and creating special ones for the guests. The resident artist, David Perez, creates custom-designed jewelry for guests creating a unique piece for them to take away with them a piece of the beauty of this special island.

On the island, there’s plenty to do as well. The residents are serious about protecting the turtles, and there’s a hatchery on the Island. The far point of the island where the sun meets the sea each morning is also the sacred place where women historically prayed for fertility. My dear friend, island native and Head Concierge and Ambassador Alex Vallejos, took me out in the wee hours to search for turtles and see the sunrise.

On the night of the Blood Moon, with the moonlight over the sea, a mama turtle delivered 124 babies that were whisked away to safety within the hour. Such experiences of a lifetime are made at Isla de Mujeres. Friendships are as well.

The Cozy Bar adjacent to the lobby is probably the smallest bar I have ever visited, and incidentally, the only one where I left having made friends with everyone there. That’s the take away from this place. The impeccable food, the feel of being on your own private island, and of course, the friendships and connections. Definitely a six+ star rating!