Meadows Place

Photo by Harry Hamilton

The City of Meadows Place is conveniently located along Highway 59 at the first exit off of Beltway 8 in Fort Bend County. This prime location is close to the thriving Energy and Engineering Corridor, universities, sports and entertainment venues and the Medical Center, and the area enjoys high traffic counts. This small city serves as the gateway to both Fort Bend County and Houston.

Meadows Place is a small one-square mile city that had to re-invent itself after the expansion of the Beltway and I-69 reshaped the front end of the city.  It took some effort, but Meadows Place implemented a plan to make itself a residential powerhouse and began to make improvements and set standards that would push up property values and provide outstanding programs and services to its residents.  The plan worked.   Meadows Place has received accolades for several years, and this year, Meadows Place was ranked the 8th Best Suburb in the Greater Houston Area.

A contract data mining company rated the 27 best suburban areas to live around Houston, and Meadows Place came in number eight! The criteria included: population, unemployment rate, median home price and median income. Safety and amenities played a big role, as did affordability and education. The report said Meadows Place is rated “for good reason,” stating “crime is far below average and most residents are gainfully employed. Even the cost of living is reasonable.”

“What the report didn’t know is how hard we work to be a wonderful community with its sights set on a future that will have us climbing up that list,” said Meadows Place Mayor Charles Jessup.

A few new amenities to the city include a beautiful lake filled with reclaimed water used for irrigation, a significant expansion of the hike and bike trail system and a new Discovery and Nature Center that is getting rave reviews and has been featured on television and in newspapers. Summer camps for residents, an active Youth Action Council  (YAC) program,  and leading the way in the Monarch Migration Celebration are but a few of the many programs run through this small but very active city.

But it doesn’t stop there. Bob Graf, President of the Meadows Place Economic Development Corporation (MPEDC), said, “Meadows Place is not only a wonderful place to raise your family, but it offers some great opportunities to locate your business.”  Graf pointed out the outstanding location with both freeway and beltway access and that the city is part of Fort Bend County, one of the fastest growing and economically strong counties in Texas.

With a new Aldi grocery store at West Airport and South Kirkwood Drive providing an anchor to an adjacent nine+ acres of prime undeveloped land and over 40,000 cars a day passing the intersection, there are great new opportunities for restaurants, retailers and developers to invest in Meadows Place.  In addition, the new Bombay Bazaar, the largest Indian food store in the greater Houston area, is bringing additional traffic to an already busy corner.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) top rating of Class 1 guarantees lower insurance rates, and the fast 24 / 7 response by Meadows Place Police, Fire and EMS ensure a safe environment for companies, customers and employees.  Additionally, no Meadows Place homes or businesses flooded during Hurricane Harvey.

As part of an aggressive new marketing program, MPEDC is producing a short video featuring the benefits of doing business in Meadows Place.  Professionally shot using current Meadows Place business owners, the video was released in September to expose prospective business owners across the country to this wonderful little city with big opportunities.