Next Steps

Christopher Hill

This issue is all about what we do after what we did. For Fort Bend Community CEO Dee Koch, it is all about engagement here and abroad.  We also talk to Fort Bend ISD Communications expert Veronica Sopher about ways to engage inside of our school district and in our children’s school. For the Fort Bend Republican Party, it is about picking up the pieces after a difficult election. We talk with chairman Jacey Jetton to discuss their rebuilding efforts. The Fort Bend Democratic Party also has to keep their momentum and temper schisms in their local party. Chairman Cynthia Ginyard and I sat down to discuss how to keep all of those plates spinning in the right direction.

For me personally, it is also about next steps as last month I chose to return to the reason I moved my family here – the Sugar Land Skeeters. As the new President of the Sugar Land Skeeters, we look to continue that championship momentum and also develop new and exciting promotions to keep the community asset evolving, improving and most importantly, fun.

We want to hear from you. If there are topics and areas you would like us to cover, please reach out and let us know. Also, with the summer coming up, I hope to see you at Constellation Field!

Best regards,

Christopher Hill