Positively Patti: Election 2020

By Patti Parish-Kaminski, Publisher

Perhaps the greatest understatement I can expound right now is things are tough.  We are all in a tight spot – some for the same reasons and some for different reasons.  But the root case of our current situation remains the same:  a worldwide pandemic.

There’s a great deal of negativity that surrounds us every day.  Some days it’s difficult to see the positive.  My personal philosophy is that we have to seek out the positive and stomp out the negative – however that manifests itself in our lives.  For many of us, the negative has been prevalent in our health, our businesses and frankly, our spirit.  It’s my philosophy and steadfast diligence for the positive that has affected many decisions in my life over the years, and now, more than ever.  And, it’s this philosophy that guides my decision on who gets my vote.

The July primary run off was a perfect example of what we do not need right now.  I personally do not want to see any negativity in political campaigns in 2020.  It is the sure-fire way to ensure that I will NOT vote for you.  I do not want to see you tearing down another human being – hurting them, hurting their families – for any reason.  There’s more than enough of that to go around in simply navigating our daily lives during this time of unprecedented events.  If you can’t run on your own merits by accentuating your positive attributes, then you’re not my candidate.

This is a mantra I have preached in my business for years.  We have amazing competitors in our industry in Fort Bend.  These businesses are run by wonderful individuals who work hard at what they do – just like we do.  Our sales philosophy has always been to sell on our merits – not criticize a competitor.  If we can’t sell on our strengths, then we have a problem.

I don’t want – or need – to open my mailbox and read negativity.  I don’t want – or need – to turn on the television or listen to the radio and see or hear negativity.  We’ve got enough of that.  I’m ready for the good news, the positive outlook.

I believe that negativity begets negativity, and right now, we are virtually surrounded by it.  We’re in a battle, and we have to make our way to the front line – running toward the light – leaving the darkness behind.  Which candidates in our general election this November will wear the white hats and focus on the positive, focus on their achievements, hopes, dreams and plans for our nation, for our community?  As Western cinema has taught us, the guys in the black hats are likely outlaws.  So, saddle up Trigger.  We’re on the look out for the good guys.