The Day the Rona Got Real

Patti and Tim Kaminski

By Patti Parish-Kaminski, Publisher

Let’s face it, our reality has been Corona-centric for some time now. But this reality – our COVID crisis – became particularly valid to me this past week when my husband became ill and was diagnosed with the virus. My world – and my heart – stopped for what seemed like was an eternity but in actuality was only eight days.

You see, I’m accustomed to getting much accomplished in a brief period of time. I can multi-task like a pro. I have decades of experience of squeezing 30 hours of tasks in a 24- hour day, but those 192 hours of Tim testing positive and being ill dragged on for centuries.

Personally, I felt that there was much to be done during this time, but I didn’t know exactly what that was. It was beyond frustrating – this fear of the unknown – this fear of what exactly to do to win this battle. I am typically not a fearful person. I have never given fear much thought before because I’m reactive, in a nuclear kind of way, when it comes to my family. But now, I really get it. This virus manifests itself so differently for so many, and frankly, there’s still so much unknown. That just doesn’t work for me. I like to know things. If I don’t know something, or I can’t find someone who does know something, I tend to make things up and convince myself that’s my truth, my personal definition. And let me just say, I’m creative – or some might say eccentric. It works because whatever I conjure up doesn’t necessarily have to be right or even plausible – it just has to be my answer. It annoys my children, but isn’t that what parents are supposed to do – annoy our kids?

Equally annoying as being a serial multi-tasker, I’m also in charge. I like control; I like order. Just ask any of my precious friends who have served on committees with me. I have an agenda, I have a timeline and I have an objective. I’m not big on spinning my wheels with no clear direction. And frankly, it really is in everyone’s best interest to share my agenda, timeline and objective. It just works out better – for all involved.

So last week when this vicious virus took charge of Tim – and thankfully let him go back to his healthy self – I was not in charge. And honestly, COVID – even though it might have thought it was – was not in charge either. The true reality of our world situation is that there’s only one individual in charge, and He doesn’t live here. He lives everywhere, He reigns supreme and He will help mankind win this battle. And yes, He knows – as you all do – that I’m really not in charge. Just don’t tell Tim.