Unique Views From An Ever-Changing County

Christopher Hill

Our goal each issue is to provide unique views and information – stories you may not often see. This issue is no different as we highlight an emerging leader in Malisha Patel, Senior Vice President and CEO of Memorial Herman Sugar Land and Memorial Herman Southwest. Look for Malisha to do even more great things at Memorial Hermann in the future. We also touch on cybersecurity and the nine things business owners should be doing now to protect their company.

On the political side, we dissect what happened on November 6th. The top line assessment? A ton of people moved into the county since 2016 and more of them voted in a specific direction. Need more than that? Turn to page 12. Finally, we look at what exactly a lobbyist does. To some, these are the political boogie men, but others know they keep things moving in Washington. We speak to celebrated political lobbyist Matthew Keelen from the Keelen Group to better understand this misunderstood industry.

Sprinkle in some reviews and travel picks to help you spend your hard-earned dollar, and we think you have another issue full of unique views and information. If you have a story idea or know of someone unique in the business or political world whose story needs to be told, email me at chris@absolutelyfocusmedia.com. We want to hear from you.

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Christopher Hill